Brows are an essential physicality. They encompass one’s unique facial expression that represents the connection between the interior and exterior human emotion.

Think of microblading as a type of eyebrow architecture that creates the best shape for your face.

Microblading uses a super-precise tool along with the Golden Ratio Measurements to establish the perfect outline.

The tool is effectively like a pen, but the nib is a sloped blade with little needles at the end that don’t penetrate the skin, only delicately scratching the surface. The needle very softly lays featherweight strokes with medical-grade pigment on the skin, creating fine, realistic, natural-looking hair strokes.

Microblading is the next generation of brow tattooing.



A highly resourceful make-up artist trained in Paris and throughout Romania, Raluca started her creative journey in 2005. After perfecting her makeup techniques, she quickly excelled as a brow artist and found her calling. She began working at the world-renowned Anastasia Beverly Hills salon in Romania and then was given the opportunity to transfer to the flagship salon in Los Angeles.

Detail-oriented and artistically inclined, Raluca has focused her entire career on mastering style and symmetry – the two most influential fundamentals when creating the perfect brow.

Raluca’s latest achievement is performing semipermanent brow makeup with fine-realistic microblading techniques for long-lasting results.

Now, with more than a decade of experience, Raluca continues her lifelong passion in Los Angeles, California creating iconic brows for women and men.


Brody Ryan is a highly trained practitioner using some of the most state-of-the-art equipment and techniques within the industry. Brody has undergone comprehensive training to provide each client with a premium service that promises a long last, natural result. With great attention to detail and attentiveness, Brody prides himself on the opportunity to impact the lives of those individuals suffering from hair loss.

Brody’s primary goal is to personalize each experience not only by restoring your scalp, but leaving you with a renewed sense of confidence. Having went through a Hair Transplant and the Scalp Micro-Pigmentation process himself, Brody has a sincere feeling of compassion and understanding towards the concerns and anxieties of his customers.

Hair loss is often a confusing and stressful experience for those dealing with it, but Brody understands that Scalp Micro-Pigmentation must be tailored to suit each individual client. Brody’s empathetic nature is reassuring when guiding each client through this intricate, yet most rewarding process.